Hamlet Project Durham

Swords Edg narrow headBecause each person’s life is balanced on the edge of a sword

Hamlet Project Durham is a six-year (work on HPD began in July 2014) artistic, career-training, social justice, cultural transformation project constructed around an intentionally multi-racial core group of, initially, 10 – 20 nine to twelve-year-old actors, preparing to perform William Shakespeare’s masterwork “Hamlet” in Spring 2020. CLICK HERE to download an “Intro to HPD” class flier. CLICK HERE  para un folleto de clase en español.

“Sir, in my heart there was a kind of fighting that would not let me sleep.” ― William Shakespeare, Hamlet

Spring 2015: March 16 – May 9, 2015

HAMLET 2Thursdays, March 18 – May 7, 2015 – 4:15 – 5:45 pm: Introducing the Hamlet Project, Durham (Ages 9-12) Introducing the Hamlet Project is your chance to have a fun introduction to one of the greatest plays ever written, and to experience the Hamlet Project Durham for 8-weeks before making a full commitment. To continue in fall 2015 your family commits to the project through May 2020 (Beginning in fall 2015, the class fee will reduce to a $25 materials fee.) For Introducing the Hamlet Project, we act-out the play in our own words, begin developing stage accents and vocal techniques, and rehearse a speech from Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” for a showcase performance.

REGISTRATION: With a card by clicking the button below (Or go to the DFT Classes Page to see a full list of DFT Spring Acting Classes, ages 6- adults) REGISTER With A Check to DFT, PO Box 61894, Durham, NC 27715.

Blue Star Yellow

Hamlet Project Introduction (Hamlet Introducción Clase), $125

Blue Star YellowHamlet Project Introduction (Hamlet Introducción Clase) 2+ child, $ 112.50



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