HP Class 1There’s a new post at our new website – Go to: http://www.durhamregionaltheatre.com/drt-blog/ to read about the first day of Hamlet Project Durham. Join this once-in-a-lifetime adventure!


The Power of Words

There’s a great new post at our new website blog: http://www.durhamregionaltheatre.com/drt-blog/Power of Words

Go there today and find out about the life-altering possibilities in Hamlet Project Durham. HPD Perf Trk FAQS brochure.

Fl Join Hamlet Sept 15


Find Out Who Is the DRT ACM 2015


There’s a new blog post at DURHAMREGIONALTHEATRE.COM/blog/

And it Announces DRT’S fabulous pick for our stipend level Assistant Camp Manager Summer 2015


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Teens Rule the Summer at DRT

ndea 1taylorbethYou may think – because all four DRT Children’s Theatre Camps are filled for this summer – that the gorgeous fellowship hall at Trinity Ave. Presbyterial Church where we hold our camps will be creative and positive only because of the presence of 5-12-year-olds – but that is far from the truth! On the first day of each camp, 25 campers will join a Table Group of five campers, and each Table Group will be joined by one of our FANTASTIC TEEN TEACHING INTERNS – And Teen Teaching Interns make all the difference to the success of our children’s camps.

Teen Teaching Interns provide crucial community service with DRT each summer – while gaining real skills in theatre, teaching and camp management. Check out our Teen Teaching Internship positions at durhamregionaltheatre.com/theatre-camps/ – download the job description and application form – fill it out today – it doesn’t take that long – and send it back to durhamregionaltheatre@gmail.com.

Former DRT Teen Teaching Interns have gone on to colleges including Harvard Univ., George Washington University (DC,) Howard Univ. and  Univ. of Rochester in New York. Teens (ages 13-19) are invited to join this great tradition in theatre and education today!

See you in the summertime,

Jenny Justice


HOT LIPSI hope everyone is keeping up with our progress at the new website. BUT! SquareSpace has a mobil links problem with the template we’ve chosen – you can only navigate the site with your upper links viewed horizontally across the top of the page banner (The side links don’t work) I’m working with SquareSpace to solve the problem. If you’re having any access trouble, please keep visiting the DurhamFamilyTheatre.wordpress.com blog site – I’m keeping the info up-to-date.)

Two spaces have opened up for our Children’s Theatre Camp 1, June 15-27, 2015. REGISTER your young actors for this great experience today, before the chance is gone.

Also, we are still accepting registrations for our first camp of the summer, “A Play A Day 1,” June 8-12, 2015.

For Information and REGISTRATION go to our Theatre Camps page and click on the star!

See you soon! Jenny Justice


PAD CastIt is exciting each time we begin a new session of acting classes at Durham Regional Theatre, and this spring brings extra anticipation with TWO new classes about to take off – on Wednesday we hold our first DRT Satellite class at Sandy Ridge Elementary School and on Thursday we start the great adventure of “Hamlet Project Durham.”

I hope everyone has been keeping up with our progress at the new website. BUT! Two people have let me know they are having trouble navigating the durhamregionaltheatre.com site. I’m working with SquareSpace to try and figure out what’s up. If you’re having any access trouble, please keep visiting the DurhamFamilyTheatre.wordpress.com blog site – I’m keeping the info up-to-date.)

Meanwhile, our first summer theatre camp has filled past the brim (Play A Day 2 is now closed for registration) and the others are fast moving that way – so is you want to create something great with DRT this summer, register asap on our durhamregionaltheatre.com/theatre-camps/ page.

Spring is definitely in the air!

Warmly, Jenny Justice

Stepping Up, Stepping Out & moving a blog site too

Sadie MsJenny 1(NOTE: While we get all the glitches out of our new website, you may still use this blog site to register for classes & summer theatre camps if you wish.)

Many, if not all, of our subscribers will have already learned the news described in the letter pasted below this message; after 4 1/2 years of excitement, friendships, classes, camps, rehearsals and shows, Durham Family Theatre is changing our name to Durham Regional Theatre in order to build on our successes and better communicate our visions for organizational growth.

There is a great deal of work ahead of us to live up to the promise of our new name; the DRT board is excited and committed to the task and I look forward to working with them to bring it to full reality.

It has been a pleasure to communicate with our growing community from the durhamfamilytheatre.wordpress.com for the past 4 1/2 years – but as you can see from the number of pages on this site, we have outgrown our home. Please look for news of Durham Regional Theatre (and sign up to receive blogs if I can’t figure out how to move our subscriptions) at our new website: durhamregionaltheatre.com.

I look forward to a long and fulfilling future with DRT’S fantastic Durham, NC community.

Warmly, Jenny Justice

DRT Name Change PR