February ?, 2011

The Duchess tries out makeup designs

We’re in the thick of it now with Alice rehearsals and I no longer even know what day it is … “it’s always 6 o’clock at the mad tea party!” Making costumes, painting sets; Hannah McShea is at every rehearsal now creating the backdrops in the same style as her winning “Alice” flier design. Yesterday, the dormouse got a pair of heart shaped sunglasses to go with her costume (she’s hibernating you know and the sun disturbs her sleep.) Actors sing and practice sword fighting in the hallways when they aren’t on stage rehearsing with myself and the music conductor. Volunteers appear nightly with throne chairs for the trial and truly outrageous pants for Tweedledum and Tweedledee. Every now and then a member of Trinity United Methodist where we are housed wanders into the rehearsal hall to see what’s up and leaves smiling.

Tickets are on sale now at the DFT Shows page … technical rehearsals are next Monday and a week from today will be our final dress rehearsal before preview night. Yikes! We hope you’ll join the fun March 4, 5, 11, & 12. See you there.

Warmly, Jenny


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